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* [[Reference Guide]]
* [[Reference Guide]]
* [[Debugging_Error | Debugging and Errors]]
* [[Debugging_Error | Debugging and Errors]]
* [[Reliability Performance | Security and Availability]]
* [[Reliability Performance | Reliability and Performance]]

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The StructuredRetailProducts.com API let you bring the StructuredRetailProducts.com data to your business, webpage, application, or device. The API lets you to retrieve customised StructuredRetailProducts.com data to match your needs.

It is possible to search for products, get current offers, recent additions, continuous products, leverage and flow products filtered by various filters. You can retrieve the data pretty much the same way as you do on StructuredRetailProducts.com website but with much more customisation. The StructuredRetailProducts.com API gives you programmatic access to the StructuredRetailProducts.com data.

The StructuredRetailProducts.com API is a RESTfull webservice which works at the basic level using XML/JSON and HTTPS. To learn about the structure of requests and responses please read our Reference Guide. To make working with the API easier, we have a number of client samples.