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19th June 2018

In order to query Private Banking products, API user must follow next set of rules:

• use market parameter for the query as: market=MK0042 or MK0004
• don't mix with other markets, for example: market=MK0042,MK0214
• don't mix with category parameter, for example: market=MK0042&category=CT2
• can be used with other parameters, like: market=MK0042&submitted=2018-01-01,null&count=500&from=0 ... etc

Example of good queries:

With multiple parameters:,null&count=500&from=0,null&count=500&from=0

Example of bad queries:,MK0214&submitted=2018-01-01,null&count=500&from=0,null&count=500&from=0

14th December 2016

• Renaming of the Market Share to Market Share - Distributor

22nd November 2016

• Additional arguments for the Intelligence Reports Guide added

10th October 2016

Current Field name Description
Provider Distributor The company that distributes the product.
Provider Group Distributor Group The parent company of the one that distributed the product.
Third Party Third Party Distributor Any other company involved in the distribution of the product (e.g. insurance company or broker dealer)
Derivatives Counterparty Derivatives Manufacturer Company involved in structuring the optionality

18th April 2016

• New product property Underlying ISIN added
• New product property Underlying Instrument added
• New product property Underlying Sector added

11th April 2016

• Index underlying updates

We have reviewed our naming convention of all the underlyings and the asset classes that they fall under in order to keep bringing you the best service. Changes are as follow:

• Underlyings that have been removed from the databases:
Underlying code Underlying name Migration of products to
UD05252 Stoxx600 Utilities UD01950
UD01881 European H-I-T N/A
UD04287 Stoxx600 Health Care UD12508
UD08721 Stoxx Healthcare UD12508
UD09002 Samsung Group Index N/A
UD07718 Stoxx600 Food and Beverage UD01992
UD10849 Stoxx600 Insurance UD01504
UD12113 Barclays US Chips Risk Controlled ER UD12112
UD00380 Eurostoxx SI UD10742
UD07258 Eurostoxx SI ex All UD10742
UD01896 Stoxx600 UD13274
UD01949 Eurostoxx Telecom UD09600
UD02114 Eurostoxx Chemicals Return UD01941
UD02710 Stoxx50 UD00009
UD07181 Stoxx Index UD00009
UD13815 Stoxx Europe 50 UD00009
UD03985 Stoxx Global Select Dividend 100 TR UD12780
UD13059 Stoxx Global Select Dividend 100 ER UD12780
UD04217 Stoxx600 Banks UD12276
UD04287 Stoxx600 Health Care UD12508
UD10302 DJ Health Care UD12508
UD10776 Stoxx Small 200 UD12508
UD04756 Stoxx600 Basic Resources UD13849
UD05248 Stoxx600 Automobiles UD13378
UD01699 Eurostoxx Automobiles UD13378
UD07677 Australian All Ordinaries UD00086
UD10437 Societe Generale SLS Emerging 11% Index UD11826
UD10462 South-eastern Europe Index UD02597

• Underlyings that have updated names:

Underlying code Legacy Underlying name New Underlying name
UD00002 FTSE100 FTSE 100
UD00003 S&P500 S&P 500
UD00004 Nikkei225 Nikkei 225
UD00006 CAC40 Cac 40
UD00007 SMI Swiss Market Index (SMI)
UD00009 Eurostoxx50 Eurostoxx 50
UD00010 FTSE Eurotop FTSE Eurotop 100
UD00014 Nikkei300 Nikkei 300
UD00015 Nasdaq100 Nasdaq 100 Stock
UD00017 Topix Topix Index (Tokyo)
UD00018 FTSE250 FTSE 250
UD00035 AEX AEX-Index
UD00037 Ibex35 Ibex 35
UD00041 Nasdaq Composite Nasdaq 100 Stock
UD00044 FTSE4Good Europe 50 FTSE 4 Good Europe 50
UD00047 FTSEurofirst80 FTSEurofirst 80
UD00055 OMXS30 OMX Stockholm 30
UD00067 Russian Equities Micex Index
UD00082 DJ Industrial Average DJ Industrial Average Index
UD00086 AS30 All Ordinaries Index
UD00099 ML China Dragon Merrill Lynch China Dragon
UD00106 Humanix 200 Global Humanix 200 Global Index
UD00379 CECEEUR CECE Composite Index
UD00394 FTSE New EU CNBC FTSE New EU10 Index
UD00395 Hang Seng China Enterprises Hang Seng China Enterprises Index
UD00399 DJ Select Dividend Eurostoxx Select Dividend 30
UD00402 DIVDAX DivDAX Price Index
UD01483 Eurostoxx SD30 Eurostoxx Select Dividend 30
UD01484 Euronext100 Euronext TOP 100 Index
UD01487 FOX25 OMX Helsinki 25
UD01488 TSE35 S&P/TSX Composite Index
UD01490 OBX OBX Stock Index
UD01492 PSI20 PSI 20
UD01699 Eurostoxx Automobiles Stoxx Europe 600
UD01747 FTSE Euro Corporate Bond Performance Euro Corporate Bond
UD01748 FTSE Latibex FTSE Labitex Top
UD01754 Istanbul Stock Exchange National 30 BIST 30
UD01757 S&P 400 Midcap S&P Midcap 400 ETF TRST
UD01779 Austrian Traded Index (ATX) Austrian Traded ATX
UD01815 MDAX MDAX Perf Index
UD01842 Russian Depositary Index (RDX) USD Russian Depositary (USD)
UD01940 Eurostoxx Construction Eurostoxx Construction & Materials
UD01946 Eurostoxx Healthcare Eurostoxx Health Care
UD01947 Eurostoxx Retail Stoxx Europe 600 Retail
UD01948 Eurostoxx Technology Eurostoxx Total Market Technology
UD02012 FTSE Global Pharmaceuticals FTSE 350 Global Pharmaceuticals
UD02013 FTSE Global Tech FTSE 350 Tech
UD02018 FTSE Global Banks FTSE 350 Banks
UD02120 Eurostoxx Food & Beverage Return Eurostoxx Food & Beverage
UD02186 Eurostoxx Personal & Household Goods Stoxx Europe 600 Personal & Household Goods
UD02226 Eurostoxx Ex All Price Index Eurostoxx 50 ex Financials
UD02271 S&P All Stars Europe S&P All Stars Europe Basket EU
UD02272 S&P All Stars US S&P All Stars US Basket USD
UD02274 HVB Sustainability Index HVB
UD02289 S&P CNX Nifty 50 Nifty 50
UD02303 FTSE Athex 20 FTSE/ASE Large Cap
UD02308 Eurostoxx Cyclical Goods CGS
UD02309 Eurostoxx Mid Cap Eurostoxx Mid
UD02310 Eurostoxx Small Cap Eurostoxx Small
UD02314 DJ Titans Building DJ US BldgMatFix
UD02353 Citigroup Deutschland Rolling Discount Index Citi Vibe Eurozone
UD02365 DJ Internet Commerce Index DJ Internet Commerce
UD02367 DJ Islamic Market Titans 100 Index DJIM Ttns100T
UD02374 ML Europe 1 Merrill Lynch Europe
UD02382 FTSE/JSE Africa Top 40 Index FTSE/JSE Africa Top 40
UD02383 FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI Index FTSE Bursa Malaysia
UD02391 PHLX Semiconductor Index Phila Semiconductor index
UD02396 R-DAX RDAX Performance Index
UD02405 S&P Toronto Stock Exchange S&P/TSX Composite Index
UD02419 Eurostoxx EU Enlarged 15 Stoxx EU Enlarged 15
UD02421 Eurostoxx Mid 200 Return Stoxx Europe Mid 200
UD02423 Eurostoxx200 Large Stoxx Europe Large 200
UD02424 Eurostoxx200 Small Stoxx Europe Small 200
UD02425 Nasdaq Biotechnology IShares Nasdaq Biotechnology
UD02426 EGX30 (ex CASE 30 Index) EGX 30
UD02432 Japan PER 30 Merrill Lynch Japan PER 30 Ind
UD02434 SET 50 Thai Set 50 Index
UD02435 Tel Aviv 25 Tel Aviv Banking
UD02437 WIG20 Wig 20
UD02478 TOPIX Banks Nomura Banks Index ETF
UD02551 MIDEX Milan Mid-Cap Index (MIDEX)
UD02566 Russian Traded Index (USD) Russian Traded Index
UD02592 MSCI EMU Small Cap MSCI EMU Value
UD02622 ISEQ Irish Overall Index
UD02623 Hang Seng Freefloat Mainland 25 Hang Seng Mainland 25
UD02641 DB CROCI Islamic Global Sector Index Croci Islamic Global USD TR
UD02655 HVB Europa Saison Performance-Index HVB Europa Saison
UD02659 Mexican Bolsa IPC Mexico IPC Index
UD02671 Stoxx50 TR Stoxx Europe 50
UD02682 AMEX Biotech NYSE Arca Biotechlgy
UD02697 Iceland Stock Exchange 15 Index OMX Iceland All-Share
UD02702 Russell2000 Russell 2000
UD02711 S&P500 BuyWrite S&P 500 Cons Dicret Index
UD02715 Russell1000 Russell 1000
UD02718 CBOE China CBOE China Index
UD02721 S&P Asia 50 S&P Asia 50 Index CME
UD02722 Russell3000 Russell 3000
UD02727 AMEX Hong Kong NYSE Arca Hong Kong 30
UD02728 S&P500/Citigroup Growth S&P 500 Value
UD02729 S&P500/Citigroup Value Solactive Asia Environme
UD02733 MSCI Thailand MSCI Thailand Capped Ishares
UD02734 CECE Extended CECE Extended Index
UD02766 PHLX Drug Sector PHLX Drug Index
UD02776 FTSE Small Cap FTSE ST Small Cap Index
UD02780 DBIX India Index DBIX India Price
UD02782 S&P/TSX60 S&P/TSX 60 Index
UD02804 ABN Amro Brazil Index ABN Amro Brazil ADR TR
UD02806 RBS India ADR/GDR Index RBS India ADR/GDR
UD02807 UBS Indian ADR/GDR Quanto Index UBS Indian ADR
UD02832 Continental Star Index Hypovereinsbank Continental St
UD02838 VersorgerSchutz - Index VINX 30 Index
UD02841 ML Japan Per 30 Index Merrill Lynch Japan PER 30 Index
UD02856 Topix Transportation Equipment Stock Price Index TSE Mothers Index
UD02878 AMEX Telecom NYSE Arca Telecom
UD02881 PX Index Prague Stock Exchange Index
UD02904 DB CROCI Pairs Euro Net Index Croci Alpha Pairs Sectors EUR
UD02905 DJ Japan Titans 100 DJ Japan Titans Index
UD02935 S&P Latin America 40 Ishares Latin America 40 ETF
UD02936 JPMorgan Global Asset Rotator EUR Basket Index JP Morgan Global Asset
UD02945 LEVDAX DBX Lev Dax Daily
UD02964 S&P BRIC 40 S&P Bric 40 (Euro) CME
UD02991 Bank of NY Latin America ADR Index BNY Mellon LatAm
UD02993 CBOE Volatility Index (VIX) CBOE SPX Volatility
UD02997 S&P100 S&P 100
UD02999 DAX Global Russia Index Daxglobal Rus Ind
UD03026 FTSE350 FTSE 350 Index
UD03288 DJ Tiger Titans 50 DJ TigrTitan50TR
UD03329 S&P500 Healthcare S&P 500 Industrials index
UD03330 S&P500 Consumer Discretionary S&P 500 Consumer Discretionary
UD03397 AMX Amsterdam Midkap Index
UD03445 Global STARS Index CitigroupS&PGlobalStars
UD03464 Homeland Security Index ISE CCM Homeland
UD03465 MSCI World Daily TR Gross USD Index MSCI Daily TR Gross World USD
UD03488 CECE Banking CECE Banking Sector
UD03489 CECE Health Care CECE Health Care SEC Index
UD03491 CECE Telecom CECE Telecom Sector Index
UD03492 DJ Private Equity Private Equity TrE
UD03505 DJ BRIC 50 DJ Bric 50 TR
UD03551 S&P Composite 1500 Homebuilding S&P 1500 Composite
UD03559 Russell1000 Growth Russell 1000 Growth
UD03560 Russell1000 Value Russell 1000 Value
UD03615 MSCI StyleSelect MSCI StyleSelect World Gross
UD03627 S&P/TSX Banks PR Index S&P/TSX Capped FINCLS
UD03699 MSCI South Korea Ishares MSCI South Korea Cap
UD03704 FTSE RAFI Europe Index FTSE RAFI Europe
UD03705 FTSE RAFI Japan Index FTSE RAFI Japan
UD03715 FTSE RAFI US1000 FTSE Rafi US 1000 Index
UD03737 MSCI Malaysia MSCI Malasyia
UD03744 HS 60 Europe
UD03746 Korea Stock Exchange Kospi
UD03788 MSCI World Euro MSCI World EUR Hedged
UD03792 LPX Major Market LPX MM Listed PE EUR PI
UD03793 Infrastructure Index TR (EUR) Macquaire Global Infr Tot RT
DB Dividend Hedge CROCI US Index Deutsche Bank Croci Euro Dh
UD03860 Hang Seng China H-Financials Index Hang Seng Financial Index
UD03907 S-BOX N-11 Kursindex S-Box Best Of Nordics
UD03937 S&P/TSX Capped Financials S&P/TSX Income Trust
UD03940 DJ Japan SD30 DJ Japan SD 30T
UD03941 DJ Asia SD30 DJ Asia Pac SD30 ET
UD03963 LPX50 TR LPX50 Listed PE EUR TR
UD03998 Eurostoxx50 Return Index Eurostoxx 50 Return
UD04005 North American Dividend Achievers50 First Asset/Blackrock NA-RTS
UD04010 HVB Deutschland MidCap Index HypovereinsBank HVB Midcap
UD04021 SMI Dividend Adjusted Index (SMIC) SMI Gross Total
UD04038 Sensex Index S&P BSE Sensex
UD04059 HGX Index Phila Housing Index
UD04215 Stoxx SD30 Stoxx Europe Select Dividend 30
UD04299 OMXH25 OMX Helsinki 25
UD04312 FTSE Norex 30 FTSE Nordic 30
UD04314 Nikkei225 TR Nikkei Total Return
UD04315 Hong Kong Hang Seng Total Return Hang Seng Index
UD04316 MSCI Emerging Markets TR MSCI Daily TR Net Emerging Markets
UD04332 DJ US SD30 Eurostoxx Select Dividend 30
UD04370 OMXC20 OMX Copenhagen 20
UD04384 S&P Thrifts and Mortgage Finance Index S&P/TSX 60 Index
UD04394 SMI MID SMIM Price Index
UD04524 MSCI Singapore Cash Index MSCI Singapore Free
UD04562 ISIS Mex Bolsa Idx SPRDH6
UD04689 HS60 US HS 60 US
UD04758 Stoxx Mid 200 Stoxx Europe Mid 200
UD04785 DJ SD Price DJ Select Dividend PR IX
UD04814 FTSE China 25 FTSE/Xinhua China 25
UD04915 Stoxx Nordic SD20 Stoxx Nordic Select Dividend 20
UD04965 Global Dividend Strategy Index Deutsche Bank Croci Global Div
UD04972 AMEX Airline NYSE Arca Airline
UD04989 S&P All Stars Asia S&P All Stars Asia Index USD
UD05034 Stoxx EU Enlarged Select Dividend 15 Index Stoxx EU Enlarged Select Dividend 15
UD05094 Credit Suisse Family Index Credit Suisse Family
UD05108 CROBEX Index Croatia Zagreb Crobex Index
UD05151 DAX BRIC PR Index Dax Global BRIC Price
UD05191 FTSE Macquarie Global Infrastructure 100 SPDR FTSE/Macq GI100
UD05200 BPI – TC Baltic Index Time Charter Average of Routes Baltic Dry Index
UD05217 Slovene Blue Chip Index Slovenian Blue Chip Index
UD05238 CS ROCI 18 US Unfunded Credit Suisse FX Rolling Optim
UD05249 Stoxx600 Chemicals Stoxx Europe 600 Chemicals
UD05251 Stoxx600 Retail Stoxx Europe 600 Technology
UD05253 Stoxx600 Technology Stoxx Europe 600 Telecommunications
UD05284 ML Emerging Market Infrastructure Index BofA Merrill Lynch Emerging Markets
UD05298 DAXplus Export Strategy Dax plus Exp Strategy K
UD05299 DAX Global BRIC Index Dax Global Bric TR
UD05300 DAX Global BRIC PR Index Dax Global Bric Price EUR
UD05307 KTX Index Kazakh Traded Index USD
UD05313 ML Dubai Investable Index ML Dubai Investible
UD05326 N11 Core 5 Price Index Next 11 Core 5
UD05332 South Africa Index FTSE/JSE Africa Top 40
UD05351 S-BOX Asien Umwelt Performance-Index Solactive Balkan TR
UD05534 Croatia Zagreb Index Croatia Zagreb Crobex Index
UD05561 Next-11-Core-8-Index Next 11 Core 8 Index
UD05564 Oeko Dax OKO Dax Performance EUR
UD05571 AMEX Consumer Staples Cons Staples Select
UD05635 AlphaDiv Index Alpha Div Index
UD07166 S-Box Global Aviation Performance-Index Solactive Glb Shipping
UD07167 S-Box Global Shipping Performance-Index Solactive Insider Eur
UD07168 S-Box Medizintechnik Performance-Index Solactive N-11 PR
UD07219 Kospi 50 KOSPI 50 Index
UD07220 Bombay SE100 S&P BSE 100 Index
UD07260 Chile INTER10 Index Chile Inter-10 Index
UD07262 HQ Solid H&Q Solid
UD07264 Kazakhstan Index Kazakhstan KASE Stock
UD07275 IPOX China 20 Index Ipox China 20
UD07279 MSCI Latin America Index MSCI EM Latin America Index
UD07280 S&P Europe Quality Ranking Index Financial Select Sector
UD07303 S&P Goldman Sachs Next 11 Core 8 S&P High Yld Div ARIST
UD07319 RBS Eco Index RBS Eco Index (EUR) TR
UD07324 TSE Mothers TSE Mothers Index
UD07328 PX-D Index Pioneer Natural Resources
UD07335 Ibex Top Dividend IBX Top Div TR
UD07357 HEX25 OMX Helsinki 25
UD07371 DB CROCI Japan Div Hedged Index Deutsche Bank Croci Japan Dh
UD07388 DB CROCI US Deutsche Bank Croci Euro Dh
UD07390 DB CROCI Japan Deutsche Bank Croci Japan Tr
UD07405 CECE Infrastructure Index CECE Infrastructure Indx
UD07409 BDIY Index Baltic Dry Index
UD07451 MSCI EM Europe Index MSCI EM Europe
UD07473 BNP Paribas European M&A Index BNP Paribas M&A Europe Index
UD07490 Bel20 BEL 20 Index
UD07546 FTSE BRIC 50 FTSE Bric 50 Index
UD07548 UBS India ADR/CHF Index UBS Indian ADR Index
UD07549 Credit Suisse Switzerland Index Credit Suisse Social Awareness Index
UD07567 ML Carbon Leaders Index BofA Merrill Lynch Carbon Lead
UD07571 ING Invest European Healt Care ING (L) Invest-EUR Health-PD
UD07578 Julius Baer Multicash Euro Cash Fund B JB Money Mrkt Fund Euro-B
UD07586 JPMorgan Efficiente JP Morgan USD Efficiente Index
UD07593 DB Solar Alpha Deutsche Bank Solar Alpha Tota
UD07594 Credit Suisse Emerging Markets Infrastructure Index Credit Suisse Emerging Markets Index
UD07603 DJ US SD100 DJ USDividnd100T
UD07623 UBS CABill Index UBS CA Bill Index
UD07628 S-BOX Insider Europe Index Solactive Croatia PR
UD07634 MSUCP Index MSCI 18 CL EM Countries
UD07662 CPTX Polish Traded Index
UD07668 ML Africa Lions Index BofA Merrill Lynch Africa Lion
UD07684 Man MGS Access Protected Index Man MGS Access EUR Index
UD07711 Stoxx600 Media Stoxx 600 Media
UD07717 Stoxx600 Financial Services Stoxx Europe 600 Financial Services
UD07733 Russell Midcap Russell Midcap Index
UD07753 Nemax 50 Late Nemax 50 Index
UD07766 MSCI Singapore Free Index MSCI Singapore Free
UD07772 Topix 30 Topix Core 30 IDX (TSE)
UD07820 Barclays Global Bond Trend Index Barclays Global Equity-Bond Index
UD07823 Barclays Global Dynamic Index Barclays Dynamic Global Index
UD07825 Sampo Kompassi 50 Sampo Pankki Pohjoismaiset
UD07829 VINX30 VINX 30 Index
UD07835 RBS Indonesia Index RBS Indonesia Index (IDR) PR
UD07838 RBS Philippines TR Index RBS Philippines Index (PHP) TR
UD07842 DJ Canada Select Dividend DJ Canada Sel Div
UD07854 Europe Target Equity Index MS Europe Target
UD07865 Carnegie Green Mover Index Carnegie Green Mover
UD07889 S&P Next-11-Core 5 Index S&P Nordic LargeCap Daily Risk
UD07891 DWS ClimaX Conservative Index I DWS ClimaX Conservative Index
UD08019 S&P Southeast Asia 40 S&P Southeast Asia 40 Daily Ri
UD08031 ING Socially Responsible Investments Index CS Custom Mark-ING SRI-R1C1
UD08185 PPH US Equity Market Vectors Pharmaceutical Index
UD08222 DB Liquid Alpha EUR 4 ER Deutsche Bank Liquid Alpha EUR
UD08316 DB X-Alpha TR Deutsche Bank X-Alpha USD Tota
UD08338 S&P Depositary Receipts SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust
UD08339 S&P500 Financial S&P 500 Health Care Index
UD08365 DB CROCI Alpha Pairs Sectors Strategy Deutsche Bank Croci Alpha Pair
UD08367 Dutch Financials Index NYSE Arca Defense
UD08368 Amsterdam Small Cap Index Amsterdam Small Cap
UD08377 Stoxx600 Personal & Household Goods Stoxx Europe 600 Personal & Household Goods
UD08394 DIVMAX Europe Div Max
UD08406 ML Health Care Select Sector Health Care Select
UD08412 Taiwan Stock Exchange Weighted Index (TWII) Taiwan TAIEX Electron IX
UD08418 CI Fondtesoro Corto Plazo Chugoku Electric Power
UD08419 Bulgarian Traded Index (Euro) Sofix Index
UD08490 CSI 300 CSI300 net TRI USD
UD08587 ML China Consumer Brand Index BofA Merrill Lynch China Consumer Brand Index
UD08634 JPMorgan Efficiente (EUR) ER Index JP Morgan Efficiente (EUR) ER Index
UD08642 OMX index OMX Stockholm 30
UD08674 BNP Paribas Millenium BNP Paribas Millenium Master Index
UD08696 RBS Enhanced Green Index Egide-Rights
UD08698 JPMorgan Efficiente ER JP Morgan Efficiente Plus 5
UD08700 AMEX Health Care Select Health Care Select
UD08701 AMEX Industrial Select Industrial Select Sector
UD08712 Stoxx600 Travel & Leisure Stoxx Europe 600 Travel & Leisure
UD08720 DWS Infrax TR DWS InfrastruX Index
UD08725 S&P Emerging Markets Infrastructure Strategy Index Ishares Emerging Markets INF
UD08740 SP PowerAssets SP Power Assets
UD08744 JPMorgan Livestock ER Index JP Morgan Contag Beta Livest
UD08747 JPMorgan Energy ER Index JP Morgan JP MCCI Energy ER
UD08752 FTSE Eurotop 300 FTSE Eurofirst 300 TR General
UD08763 Solex TR Index Solex
UD08782 DAX Global Austria Mid-Cap PR Index Dax Glbl Austria MCap
UD08801 Euro Dividend Runner Preis Index Unicredit Euro Dividend Runner
UD08811 SGI Vol Target BRIC SGI Vol Target Bric Invest
UD08821 DB Liquidity Alpha USD 4 ER Deutsche Bank Liquid Alpha USD
UD08850 S-Box Climate Change Index Solactive Dresdner Middl
UD08861 Alpha Pairs Sector 4 ER Deutsche Bank Croci Alpha Pair
UD08862 DB Agriculture ER Index Deutsche Bank Agriculture
UD08880 DWS InfraX Conservative Index DWS Infrax Conservative Vol Ta
UD08891 BNP Paribas COMAC 12 ER BNP Paribas Comac Isovol 12 LS
UD08911 HSBC Optimised Global Emerging Markets Index HSBC Optimised GEM TR
UD08916 ML Gulf Investible Index BofA Merrill Lynch Gulf Invest
UD08941 DJ US Financials DJ US FinancalTr
UD08946 Kazakhstan Traded Index Kazakh Traded Index
UD08947 S&P Emerging Markets Infrastructure TR Index S&P Emerging Mkt Infra TR
UD08948 Top DivideX Conservative Index DWS Top Dividex Conservative V
UD08967 BNP Paribas Platinium ER BNP Paribas Platinium Index
UD08983 S&P Global Nuclear Energy Next 11 Core 8
UD08987 DWS Top DivideX Conservative Index DWS Top Dividex Conservative V
UD08988 PHLX Marine Shipping S&P 500 Shariah Index
UD09010 Stoxx600 Construction & Materials Stoxx Europe 600 Food & Beverage
UD09028 Credit Suisse EM Infrastructure Index (EUR) Credit Suisse Agri Euro
UD09038 Taiwan TAIEX Electronics Index Taunus Vermogens Index
UD09043 DWS BricX Conservative Index DWS BricX Conservative Vol Targ
UD09052 Ibovespa Ibovespa Brasil Index
UD09063 JPMorgan Quantum Global JP Morgan Quantum Global
UD09105 S&P500 Materials S&P 500 Railroads Index
UD09112 S&P Small Cap Regional Banks Index S&P SE Asia 40 USD
UD09131 DWS InfrastruX Index DWS InfrastruX Vol Target Minu
UD09231 Barclays GEMS Barclays Gems USD
UD09317 S&P500 Consumer Staples S&P 500 Daily Risk Control 10%
UD09326 BNY BRIC Index BNY Mellon Bric SelectDR
UD09374 SGI Global Momentum Index SGI Global Momentum EUR
UD09381 QuAM Dynamique 15 Quam Dynamique 12
UD09410 OMXS30 (Seasonal) OMX Stockholm 30 Index
UD09411 DJ Wilshire 5000 Wilshire 5000 Tot Mkt Index
UD09496 S&P500 Railroads Index S&P 500 Railroads Index
UD09500 OSEFX OSE Mutual Fund Index
UD09512 DWS Top DivideX Index DWS Top DivideX Vol Target Min
UD09546 Heng Seng Index Hang Seng Index
UD09576 DWS BricX Conservative Index II DWS BricX Conservative Index I
UD09623 TOPIX 17 Banks Topix 17 Banks Index
UD09624 TOPIX 17 Automobiles & Transportation Topix 17 Automobiles & Transportation Eq. Index
UD09724 S&P500 Technology S&P 500 TR 4 JAN 1988
UD09747 DB CROCI Islamic Europe Index Deutsche Bank Croci Islamic Europe Index
UD09748 DB CROCI Islamic US Index Deutsche Bank Croci Islamic US Index
UD09749 DB CROCI Islamic Japan Index Deutsche Bank Croci Islamic Japan Index
UD09805 DAX Asia Financials Index Dax Glbl Asia Fin Pri EUR Index
UD09835 IPSA Chile Stock Market Select Index
UD09838 DWS SwiX DWS SwiX TR Index
UD09870 DJ Transportation Average Dow Jones Transportation Average Index
UD09872 Eurasian Natural Resources Corporation Eurasian Resources Group
UD09910 S&P500 Industrial S&P 500 LVDRC 8% USD TR
UD09913 OMXS30 Balance OMX S30 Balance
UD09919 WIG20 Risk Control Wig 20 Risk Control
UD09949 Eurostoxx Materials Eurostoxx Basic Materials Index
UD10032 BNP BPSTAR EUR Geared BNP Paribas BP Star EUR Enhance
UD10039 Consumer Discretionary S&P500 S&P 500 Consumer Discretionary
UD10048 CAAM Oblig Haut Rendement Amundi OBL Haut Rendement-I
UD10075 CIMB Isovol China Index CIMB Evergreen Index
UD10118 S&P/KSX S&P/TSX 60 Index
UD10139 BNP Paribas LongX Europe Crossover Isovol BNP Paribas LongX Europe Cross
UD10145 SGI Pan Africa Index SGI Pan Africa IDXUSD Index
UD10150 Morgan Stanley Infrastructure Index MS Infrastructure Equity
UD10172 S&P/ASX200 Banks Index S&P/ASX 200 DRC12% ER
UD10213 Quam Dynamique 10 SGI QuAM Dynamique 10 Index
UD10226 S&P/ASX200 Accumulation Index S&P/ASX Accum 200 Index
UD10227 NYSE Arca Natural Gas NYSE Arca Natural
UD10233 DB Alpha Control 4% Deutsche Bank Alpha Control 4%
UD10236 Blackrock Infrastructure Index Blackrock Utility and Infrastructure Index
UD10302 DJ Health Care Eurostoxx Health Care
UD10356 China A-Share Vol Controlled 20% Index JP Morgan China A-Shares Vol Control 20% Index
UD10376 CEESEG CEESEG Top Dividend
UD10409 FTSE Vietnam FTSE Vietnam USD TR Index
UD10410 Kuala Lumpur Composite Index FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI
UD10416 S-BOX China Internet Performance-Index Solactive Climate Chng
UD10420 S&P Global Infrastructure Index (EUR) S&P Global Infrastructure Index
UD10425 SG FIRM Index SGI Firm (EUR-Excess Return)
UD10468 OMXO20 OMX Oslo 20
UD10481 SPI Index SPI Swiss Performance Index
UD10519 Global Alternative Energy Index S&P Glbal AlterEnrgy
UD10522 Semiconductor HOLDRs S&P BSE Sensex Index
UD10559 MSCI World Islamic Ishares MSCI EM Islamic
UD10609 MSCI TR Emerging Markets Indonesia USD MSCI Emerging Markets Indonesia USD
UD10613 S&P500 (CAD Hedged) S&P 500 Buyback
UD10617 S&P Global Clean Energy Risk Control 15% ER S&P Global Eco Index
UD10642 Stratégie Primonial Equilibre Strategie Primonial Equilibre
UD10694 RBS UK Autopilot Index RBS UK Autopilot Index (GBP) Index
UD10716 Nomura ARCS Volatility Adjusted EUR Index Nomura Arcs VA EUR
UD10718 MSCI World Total Return Index MSCI Daily TR Gross World USD
UD10719 S&P High Yield Dividend Aristocrats S&P India 10 Index USD
UD10723 S&P Europe 350 Daily Risk Control 10% ER S&P Europe 350 Daily Risk Cont 10%
UD10750 TopFonds-Index II Topix Index (Tokyo)
UD10759 OMXS30 Ethical Index OMX 30 Ethical Index
UD10760 S&P500 Dynamic VEQTOR S&P 500 Financials Index
UD10839 JP Morgan Alternative Multi-Strategy 5 ER (EUR) J.P. Morgan Alternative Index
UD10879 JPMorgan Indian Equity Futures Tracker JP Morgan Indian Equity Futures Tracker
UD10910 Long Barclays Alternatives Replicator ER LPX BO List PE CHF PI
UD10961 Barclays Armour Barclays Armour EUR Index
UD10968 S&P BRIC 40 ER S&P Bric 40 (Euro) CME
UD10969 Sigma SRI World Index V10 Price Return-EUR BNP Paribas Sigma SRI World V1
UD11005 FTSE100 Total Return Index FTSE 100 Total Return Index
UD11006 S&P500 Total Return Index S&P 500 Vix Mid-Term Futures I
UD11030 Technology Sector Index Technology Select Sector Index
UD11041 Bucharest Exchange Trading Bucharest BET Index
UD11089 MSCI Mexico Investable Market MSCI Mexico IMI Index
UD11102 BNP Paribas GURU Equity Europe Long 10 Excess Return BNPPar GURU Eq Europe
UD11170 HS Global Style Rotation Equity Hedged Index HS Global Style Rotation Index
UD11181 MSCI Turkey Ishares MSCI Turkey ETF
UD11190 S&P Nordic Large Cap Risk Control 15% S&P Nordic Low
UD11215 Sampo Pankki Pohjoismaiset Osakkeet Risk Control Sampo Pankki Suomi Osake Risk
UD11227 NYSE Arca Biotechnology NYSE Arca Biotechnology index
UD11237 Russian Traded Index (EUR) Russian Traded Index EUR
UD11256 Philadelphia Oil Service Sector Oil Service Sector Index
UD11270 S&P500 VIX Short-Term Futures Index ER S&P 500 Growth Index
UD11271 S&P500 VIX Mid-Term Futures Index ER S&P 500 Vix Mid-Term Futures I
UD11284 DJ US Technology Sector DJ US Technology Sector Index
UD11310 Sampo Pankki Suomi Osake Risk Control Sampo Pankki Suomi Osake Risk
UD11318 S&P500 VIX Short-Term Futures Index S&P 500 Vix Short-Term Futures
UD11346 Morningstar Wide Moat Focus TR Mornstar Wide Moat Fc TR
UD11347 S&P BRICT Daily Risk Control Index S&P Bric DRC 10% NTR
UD11437 JPMorgan ETF Efficiente 5 J.P. Morgan ETF Efficiente 5 I
UD11446 ML US Treasuries 1-10 Year Index IGSF-Multi Asset Protect $-A
UD11470 EVEN30 Investec EVEN30 Index
UD11472 Extra ETF Balance Index Extra ETF Balance
UD11473 Extra ETF Defensiv Index Extra ETS Defensiv
UD11474 Extra ETF Wachstum Index Extra ETF Wachstum
UD11503 Solactive Social Networks Index (SONIX) Solactive Social Network
UD11543 Solactive Copper Mining Performance Index Solactive Glb Copper
UD11580 S&P Korea Corporate Group Index Series 1 Cluster Ishares Latin America 40 ETF
UD11590 MSCI Thailand Investable Market Index Ishares MSCI Thailand Capped Index
UD11591 MSCI Turkey Investable Market Index Ishares MSCI Turkey ETF
UD11592 Market Vectors Vietnam Market Vectors Vietnam ETF
UD11664 S&P Industrial S&P Kor Corp Gr Sr1 Clust USD
UD11667 Taunus Vermoegens Index Tecdax Performance Index
UD11695 BNP Paribas Emerging Consumer ER BNP Paribas Emerging Consumer
UD11725 CIBC Emerging Markets Risk Aligned 10% Sol Can Eq Risk Aln 10%
UD11749 S&P/ASX200 S&P/ASX ACCUM. 200
UD11751 CS Merger Arbitrage Liquid Risk Controlled CS Merger Arb Liquid Idx
UD11753 Solactive Alternative Energien Solactive Alt Energy
UD11757 Credit Suisse MASTRO Index Credit Suisse Holt
UD11769 SGI Optimum Euro Equity SGI Optimum Equity Euro
UD11770 Topix Construction Topix Small Index
UD11782 DB Equity Long Volatility Investment Strategy II Deutsche Bank Equity Long Volatility Index
UD11784 DB US Volatility Harvest ER Deutsche Bank US Volatility Harvest
UD11803 Solactive Fossil Energy Mix Index Solactive Global Energy
UD11808 BM&FBOVESPA Financial Index (IFNC) BM&F Bovespa Financial
UD11811 S&P/ASX200 Daily Risk Control 15% ER S&P/ASX 200 Daily Risk Control 15% ER
UD11814 DBIX US Price Index DBIX India Price USD
UD11821 Barclays FTSE100 Trend Total Return Index Barclays FTSE 100 Total Return Index
UD11827 Barclays ASTRO US Variable ER Barclays ASTRO Variable US ER
UD11828 Nomura Balanced Index (EUR) Nomura Global Balanced Fund
UD11829 SGI Chipeco Index SGI Chipeco Vol Target
UD11833 S&P/ASX200 Daily Risk Control 12% ER S&P/ASX 200 Daily Risk Control
UD11834 S&P Global Infrastructure Risk Control 10% ER S&P Global Infrastructure Risk
UD11841 S&P BRIC 40 Daily Risk Control Index S&P BRric 40 Daily Risk Control
UD11848 BNP Paribas High Dividend Yield TR BNP Paribas High Div Isovol 15
UD11855 S&P500 Daily Risk Control S&P 500 Dynamic VEQTOR Index E
UD11918 Eurostoxx50 DVP Eurostoxx 50 DVP VP
UD11953 DAXglobal Sarasin Sustainability Germany (TR) EUR Dax Global Sarasin Sustainability Germany (TR) EUR
UD11954 DAXglobal Latin America (NR) Index Dax Global LatAm Pr EUR
UD12021 DAXglobal BRIC Index Dax Global Bric Index
UD12048 Nasdaq 300 Nasdaq US 300 Index
UD12064 ATX Basic Industries Index ATX Basic Ind EUR
UD12065 ATX Financials Index ATX Financials EUR
UD12066 ATX Industrial Goods & Services Index ATX Ind Goods & Svc
UD12069 CEESEG Financials CEESEG Financials EUR
UD12072 S&P Access Africa S&P Access Africa EUR
UD12091 Barclays Voyager III DJ-UBSCI ER Barclays Voyager III
UD12098 UniCredit Clean Energy Risk Reduction Strategy Index Unicredit Clean Energy Risk Re
UD12100 HVB Energie 2.0 Index Unicredit HVB Energie 2.0 Inde
UD12108 Eurostoxx50 Risk Control ER Eurostoxx 50 Risk Control ER
UD12109 S&P Global Infrastructure Risk Control ER S&P Glbal Nucl Enrgy USD
UD12112 Barclays UK Chips Risk Controlled ER Barclays UK Chips Risk Control
UD12114 Barclays European Chips Risk Controlled ER Barclays European Chips Risk C
UD12116 BNP Paribas Global Green ER 12 BNP Paribas Global Green Exces
UD12118 Russell Midcap Growth Russell Midcap Growth Index
UD12127 Eurostoxx50 Daily Risk Control Eurostoxx 50 Daily Risk Control
UD12148 Cadiz Dynamic Global Opportunities ER Index BNP Paribas Cadiz Dynamic Glob
UD12149 Cadiz Dynamic New World Opportunities ER Index BNP Paribas Cadiz Dynamic New
UD12150 ATX Five Austrian Traded ATX Five Index
UD12195 Nomura C10 Index Nomura C10 USD Index
UD12204 EquityCompass Share Buyback Barclays Equity Compass Share B
UD12213 DJ Summer/Winter Games DJ SumWinGames
UD12222 S&P Next Emerging 40 USD Index Next 11 Core 5
UD12225 Health Care Select Sector Index S&P 500 HCare Sector TR
UD12229 S&P Emerging Asia 40 Risk Control 15% SPEMA 40 DRC 15% USD
UD12230 S&P500 Low Volatility Index S&P 500 Materials Index
UD12233 S&P500 Low Volatility EUR S&P 500 Low Volatility
UD12264 World Balance Morgan Stanley World Target Equity Index
UD12296 Nomura Growth Poland Index 2 Nomura GrowthPoland2 Index
UD12304 S&P BRIC 40 Daily Risk Control ER Index S&P Bric 40 Daily Risk Control
UD12305 S&P Southeast Asia 40 Risk Control 18% ER SEK S&P Southeast Asia 40 Risk Control 18% USD
UD12312 S&P/TSX 60 S&P/TSX 60 Index
UD12326 Nomura Growth Poland Index 3 Nomura Growth Poland 3 Index
UD12387 Barclays Voyager III DJ-UBSCI TR Barclays Voyager III
UD12388 iBoxx $ Liquid High Yield Index IShares Iboxx USD High Yield Index
UD12430 S&P/ASX20 S&P/ASX 200 Index
UD12434 DJ Europe Select Dividend 30 Eurostoxx Select Dividend 30
UD12450 MSCI Chile Investable Market MSCI Chile IMI
UD12465 Citi Volatility Balanced Beta Citi Multi Risk Premia Equity
UD12505 Euroland Growth at Reasonable Price Return Index Hypovereinsbank Eurozone Growt
UD12517 KODEX Leverage Samsung Kodex Leverage ETF
UD12524 MSCI EAFE Value Ishares MSCI EAFE Value ETF
UD12526 Eurostoxx ex Financials Eurostoxx 50 ex Financials
UD12536 Russell2000 Growth Russell 2000 Growth Index
UD12612 MSCI Spain Ishares MSCI Spain Capped ETF
UD12613 Morningstar Ultimate Stock-Pickers Target Volatility 7 Index Morningstar Ultimate Stock-Pic
UD12614 MSCI Vietnam Market Vectors Vietnam ETF
UD12678 JPMorgan Income Focus Efficiente DS 4 JPMorgan ETF Efficiente DS 4
UD12696 iMKB 30 BIST 30 Index
UD12702 S&P500 Low Volatility Daily Risk Control 8% Index S&P Low Volatility EUR
UD12721 Morningstar Wide Moat Focus Target Volatility 5 Morningstar Wide Moat Focus Ta
UD12737 JPM Mozaic Fixed Income Index J.P. Morgan Mozaic Fixed Income
UD12768 S&P Europe 350 Risk Control ER S&P Europe 350 Daily Risk Cont
UD12795 FTSE Norway 30 MSCI Global Norway ETF
UD12804 Shiller Barclays CAPE US Sector Market Hedged Index Barclays Shiller CAPE US Sector
UD12841 BMO Equal Weight Utilities BMO Equal Weight Utilities ETF
UD12899 DAXglobal Agribusiness Index (DXAG) Dax Glbl Agri Bus Price
UD12932 FTSE Emerging Markets Vanguard FTSE Emerging Markets ETF
UD12943 S&P Banks Select Industry S&P Banks Select Indust
UD12966 MSCI Emerging Asia Index MSCI EM Asia Index
UD12968 Bnp Paribas Starfonds BNP Paribas Starfonds EUR ER I
UD12983 S&P Germany LargeMidCap S&P Germany Large Mid Cap Growth
UD13075 Morgan Stanley SmartInvest MS SmartInvest Equity
UD13093 High Dividend RC 10 PLN ER BNP Paribas High Dividend RC 1
UD13099 S&P Financials Select Sector S&P Germany Lg Mid Cap
UD13143 Raymond James Analyst Current Favorites TR RJ Analysts Favorites
UD13231 Credit Suisse Equity Sector Rotation Blue Index Target Volatility 5% Credit Suisse Emerging Markets
UD13254 SG European Quality Income Index iStoxx Europe Quality Income
UD13263 WIG30 Wig 30
UD13266 FTSE Developed Europe Index FTSE Developed Europe
UD13279 Finvex Sustainable & Efficient Europe 30 Finvex Sust Eff Eur30PR Eur
UD13282 Financial Times Stock Exchange 100 FTSE 100 Index
UD13290 Stoxx Europe Small 200 Price index Stoxx Europe Small 200
UD13291 BIST30 BIST 30
UD13326 Financials Select Sector Index Financial Select Sector
UD13378 Stoxx Europe 600 Automobile & Parts Stoxx Europe 600 Automobiles & Parts
UD13404 Shiller Barclays CAPE Europe Sector PR Index Barclays Shiller Cape Europe S
UD13416 Finvex Sustainable & Efficient World 30 Finvex Sust Effcn
UD13439 Sweden Balance Leonteq Swiss Balanced
UD13440 Swiss Balanced Excess Return SLI Swiss Leader
UD13480 JPMorgan Balanced Capital Strength Index 8.5% JP Morgan Balanced Capital Strength Index 8.5%
UD13483 NL20 NL20 Total Return
UD13489 Strategis Global Equity Index (SGEI) Sustainable Europe LR
UD13520 Solactive Europe Qualité Rendement Europe Qualité Rendement
UD13570 S&P Biotechnology Select Industry Index S&P Biotech Select
UD13573 RTS Russian Volatility Index Retail Ventures
UD13574 MSCI US Investable Market Health Care 25/50 Index Vanguard Health Care ETF
UD13636 S&P North American Technology Software Index S&P Pan Asia Low Vol SEK
UD13660 Zacks Multi-Asset Income Index ZKB Energie ER
UD13664 Tong Yang Securities PF Index DWS Top Dividex Conservative V
UD13671 Nordic Low Vol Balance Handelsbanken SHB Nordic Low V
UD13700 FTSE China 50 FTSE China 50 Index HKD
UD13712 iSTOXX Europe Quality UH-index iStoxx Europe Quality Income UH
UD13721 NXS Selective Europe 30 Natixis NXS Selective Europe 3
UD13743 Deutsche Bank Long US Dollar Futures Index Deutsche Bank US Dollar Long Futures
UD13766 JPMorgan US Sector Rotator 5 Index JP Morgan US Sector Rotator 5 Index
UD13772 Global Grey Gold Select 30 BNP Paribas Global Grey Gold Select 30
UD13806 S&P500 Buyback FCF Index CBOE Buywrite Monthly Index
UD13809 NXS Europe Selective 30 Natixis NXS Selective Europe 30
UD13810 Euro iStoxx EWC 50 Euro iStoxx Equal Weight Constant 50
UD13825 Dynamic Deep Value Equity Europe BNP Paribas Dynamic Deep Value
UD13831 S&P500 Buyback S&P 500 Buyback FCF
UD13842 WisdomTree Low P/E Index WisdomTree Low P-E
UD13843 Wells Fargo Business Development Company Index WIG 20
UD13863 Citi Multi-Risk Premia Equity Citi Equity Multi-Risk Premia
UD13883 CSI 500 CSI Smallcap 500
UD13888 Stoxx Europe 600 Insurance Stoxx Europe 600 Health Care
UD13894 Nasdaq US Buyback Achievers Nasdaq Buyback AchvTR
UD13916 Sustainable Europe Low Risk Equity Sustainable Europe LR Equity

• Underlyings that have changed asset classes:

Change to Commodities Asset Class:

Underlying code Underlying name
UD05200 Baltic Dry Index
UD05238 Credit Suisse FX Rolling Optim
UD08747 JP Morgan JP MCCI Energy ER
UD08862 Deutsche Bank Agriculture
UD11063 Baltic Panamax Index

Change to Equity (Single share) Asset Class:

Underlying code Underlying name
UD04643 UBS AFA Trading Index
UD07478 Chugoku Electric Power
UD08045 Credit Suisse Global Nanotechnology Index
UD08418 Chugoku Electric Power
UD08696 Egide-Rights
UD08740 SP Power Assets
UD09872 Eurasian Resources Group
UD11450 Advanced Explorations
UD11808 BM&F Bovespa Financial

Change to Fund Asset Class:

Underlying code Underlying name
UD04643 UBS AFA Trading Index
UD03793 Macquaire Global Infr Tot RT
UD04005 First Asset/Blackrock NA-RTS
UD07262 H&Q Solid
UD07571 ING (L) Invest-EUR Health-PD
UD07578 JB Money Mrkt Fund Euro-B
UD07644 Carmignac Portfolio-Grande Europe
UD07938 Pictet Small Cap Europe
UD08031 CS Custom Mark-ING SRI-R1C1
UD08193 JPMorgan RV2
UD08242 Allianz-dit-Global Eco Trends
UD08738 MSCI Heritage Alternative Index Fund
UD09200 Goldman Sachs Absolute Return Tracker Index
UD10048 Amundi OBL Haut Rendement-I
UD10236 Blackrock Utility and Infrastructure Index
UD10803 Pictet Japanese Equity Selection
UD10809 Petercam Equities Agrivalue
UD11258 DB Platinum IV Dynamic Emerging Markets 80
UD11259 DB Platinum IV Dynamic World 80
UD11261 DB Platinum IV Dynamic US 80
UD11446 IGSF-Multi Asset Protect $-A
UD11828 Nomura Global Balanced Fund

Change to Interest Rate Asset Class:

Underlying code Underlying name
4728 OMRX-O/N
12505 Hypovereinsbank Eurozone Growth

Please note that underlying codes & asset classes codes haven't changed.

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