Reference Guide - Product group feed

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Product group feed

Should not be visible. That's future improvement.

Only retrieve action exists. Insert, update or delete actions do not exists, cause product group feed is an aggregated data.

Retrieving product groups

Simple way to retrieve product groups:


This will return 500 latest product groups in XML format where products are grouped by {GroupName}.

On the top of this product filters can be applied the same way as for Product feed. All filters are specified in Product properties section.

Sample response:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <status code="0">OK</status>
  <list count="500" from="0" to="499" total="900">


Allowed grouping properties are:

Property name Description
asset_class TODO
category TODO
offer_close TODO
market TODO
submitted TODO
distribution_channel TODO
maturity TODO
minimum_return TODO
payoff TODO
style TODO
type TODO
provider TODO
provider_group TODO
thirdparty TODO
underlying TODO
wrapper TODO
wrapper_group TODO

Ordering options

Product groups will be ordered by grouping property ascending by default. Only ordering direction can be changed. Use standard ordering functionality for that.